Thanks for the team at JPS, especially Diana Sare. She is very professional, sincere and is an expert recruiter. I have a lot of appreciation for Diana and for her unlimited support and ultimate care of her clients. She helped me so much through a long journey to secure my present job in Australia. Really, no one other than her could solve and manage the obstacles I faced along this long journey of about two years. I highly recommend Diana to anyone looking for a job in Australia as a safe, trustable and sure way with an expert recruiter like Diana. I hope for her and all the team at JPS Medical Recruitment more and more success, thanks very much.

Dr Nageh Abdelgayed’s – ED CMO

Diana Sare has been very helpful agent from arranging my face to face interview up to the day I started my job as an ICU registrar! Very friendly, I felt well looked after and always there for me to chase up people. Highly recommended service!!

Dr Ralph Lee - Anaesthetic/ICU Registrar

I loved working with Diana. It felt like I had a trusted friend in Australia, guiding me through the entire process from finding a job to starting my first day of work and everything that happened in between. (This was in 2021 and with Covid happening there was A LOT I needed help with in between). Thanks Diana!

Dr Victoria van der Schyff – Anaesthetic/ICU Registrar

I have not come across someone as enthusiastic and energetic as Allisha. She sent my CV to multiple locations and got me two job offers within a single week.

Allisha helped me get my Australian license to practice medicine. I would have waited for weeks to prepare my paperwork before sending it to the Australian authorities but her knowledge and advice helped accelerate this process.

Most notable, when I informed Allisha that other places were paying higher rates, she negotiated on my behalf and secured me a 30% higher pay rate than I was initially given.

Thank you very much Allish

Dr Abdullah Alhaidari - Geriatrician

I have had a great experience with JPS medical recruitment and Allisha in particular. She was organised throughout and made the process of my finding a job and relocating to Australia so simple and stress free. She was incredibly accommodating with the time difference and quick to reply to any questions I had. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any medical colleagues.

Dr Ellie Cheah - ICU Registrar

Thank-you so much for all your help this week! Estia are ecstatic as to the help they have received and are so appreciative of all the work and prompt response that you have put in!

So from Estia and myself, THANK-YOU! We appreciate you!!

Katrina Maurer - Business Manager

Mitch is one of the best recruiters I have used. Mitch is well organized, reliable, quick, and supportive. I would highly recommend him to any Doctor looking to secure their ideal position.

Dr Shabrina Hussein – General Practitioner FRACGP

Professional, efficient and prompt service. Liam was accessible and maintained the communication even after my recruitment. JPS knows how to match skill mix with suitable locations. Bottom line, was glad to have chosen JPS. Thanks Liam.

Dr Syed Khadri – Director of Emergency & Director of Medical Services – Central Gippsland Health Service

Dr Syed Khadri - Director of Emergency & Director of Medical Services

I recently completed a locum assignment through Mitch at JPS Medical Recruitment. Mitch listened to my requirements and found me a job that ticked all the boxes for me. Mitch was a pleasure to work with and he followed up closely before, during and after the locum paying attention to the smallest of details.

Dr Tridiv Madhok – GP

Dr Tridiv Madhok, GP

When you talk to Diana Sare even for the first time, it is very certain that you will feel she is very close, familiar, understandable, and able to provide a professional kind of service you have been always after. It is not only a matter of friendly attitude, because behind this level of super amazing package of human values, there is an impressive scope of expertise able to explore the very corner stones in a job market characterised by continuous waves of changes and challenges. I’m really more than happy that Diana and JPS RECRUITMENT are my agent or the very eye via which I know my footsteps and my chances. Thanks for Diana and all the team members of JPS RECRUITMENT.

Dr Asmaa Shehabeddin – Psych Registrar

Dr Asmaa Shehabeddin - Psych Registrar

Dear Liam, I really appreciate your efforts.  I still remember how many emails I sent to you on even minor issues. You replied to me without any irritation. I can say boldly that I am here because of you. You are the one who motivated me,  otherwise,  I would have lost hope. 


I am really thankful from the depth of my heart. 


Dr Moaziz Sarfaraz – ED Registrar


Dr Moaziz Sarfaraz - ED Registrar

It gives me great pleasure to write this recommendation for Diana. Migrating to a new country as a medical professional is a daunting task with all the regulatory and immigration affairs, but it can be done with ease if you have a supportive person like Diana to guide all along. I have been associated with Diana since early 2019 when I was looking to move to Australia. I have found her to be very trustworthy, determined and focused with her work. What makes her different from others is her attitude and optimism. This testimonial is long overdue for such a wonderful human being and thorough professional. I have no second thoughts about recommending Diana to any medical professional or potential employer.


Dr. Mohammed Shariff – ED Registrar



Dr. Mohammed Shariff - ED Registrar

As a soon-to-be new consultant, I had a lot of things I didn’t know about, pretty much everything. My recruitment consultant, Ané Robert, was great, prompt and helpful in answering all my questions about contracts and the application processes. I even ended up in a great job I didn’t even know was available. I strongly benefited from their experience and would definitely use them again.

Dr Daniel Ki - Paediatrician

Hope you are doing well Gwyn. Thank you for the last payment from JPS. Just want to thank you for the endless efforts you implemented in addressing my issues in regards to shifts, accommodation and payments.  It was lovely working with you and representing JPS medical Recruitment. Hoping to work again with JPS Medical recruitment in near future.  Wishing you a merry Christmas and Happy New year.


Dhanusun Rajaratnam

Registered Nurse

Dhanusun Rajaratnam - Registered Nurse

Ané is very dedicated and I was very fortunate to have her on my side. She got me where I needed to be and in touch with the best possible people. I could not be where I am now without her.

Dr Kathryn Lecesse - Paediatrician

Dear Ané, I would like to use this season of goodwill to register my sincere appreciation and deep gratitude for the great impact that you made in my career this year. All the best for the next years.

Dr Olu Sorunmu - Psychiatry Registrar

Ané is a very helpful and friendly person. She has been helping me so much with my papers and preparation for travel to Australia. She was acting as my guarding angel who helps me whenever and wherever I wanted. Thank you so much, I totally recommend Ané for anyone as she works really hard and honest in helping others.

Dr Peter Mikheil - ED Registrar

It has been a wonderful experience working with JPS Medical Recruitment. And a special mention to Ané Robert. From the beginning, she has been extremely helpful and a pleasure to work with. She guided us through the entire process ensuring that we had all the documentation necessary. She followed up after every submission (AHPRA, RANZCOG, visa application) to make sure that the process was smooth. I shouldn’t forget to mention how she played a pivotal role in giving me confidence before my job interview. Ané called me several times in preparation and also about 30 minutes before the interview to remind me that I can do it and that I should just be confident. I strongly recommend JPS to anyone who is serious about making the move to Australia.

Dr Lucia Chimanga - O&G Specialist

Ané is an amazingly professional recruitment agent, who takes personal interest and responsibility for her clients. Ané has been a torch bearer during this hard journey in seeking a Job in Australia. I think without her dedication and support it may not have been so easy to secure this job. I wish her the best of luck and pray for her success.

Dr Ashik Hayat - Nephrologist/General Physician

I am writing to express my gratitude & thank you for your support & guidance towards my recruitment that was specifically tailored towards my requirement. You have been prompt, exceptional and resourceful.


You not only provided me with multiple job options in a short span of time as per my expectations & requirement but also followed up with me in the post recruitment period to inquire about my well-being. This speaks volumes about your professional & client centered approach.


I am happy to inform you that I shall endeavour to get my assessment for the Specialist Pathway next year and I hope to get the desired outcome from the college. All thanks to you for providing me with this job that catered to my requirements. 


I wholeheartedly recommend your recruitment agency and express my desire to seek your services in future. 


Dr Yogesh Bodulkar – Senior O&G Registrar

Dr Yogesh Bodulkar - Senior O&G Registrar

That is so lovely of you Paul. Thankyou so much for your continued support, guidance and encouragement throughout this process. You have instilled in me with a sense of confidence, excitement and clarity about the role, the expectations and the nature of the job. Through your consistent communication and clear direction I’ve found communicating and completing each stage of the, usually confronting, application process a breeze. 

Siena Jachowski - Service Support Officer

JPS Medical Recruitment has been a pleasure to deal with. We approached them for assistance with a recent Executive Search and they provided us with a number of quality candidates in a very timely manner. They were highly responsive to correspondence and provided us with regular communication throughout the process. I would recommend giving Tony a call to assist.

Rachael Mays - Director Workforce Planning and Resourcing, Bendigo Health

I was very lucky to have Diana as my agent. I didn’t know what to expect, but right from the beginning, I knew I had made the right choice. Diana supported me through all the difficulties and processes, making it a much smoother experience. She was always very helpful and caring. She always made sure I understood what was needed from me and went beyond her duty to keep me positive. Nothing was ever too big or small. There were never any complaints. I honestly think it does make the experience much easier, to feel someone does really care. My life has changed greatly since I have worked with Diana, and I do believe it was because of her encouragement and the company’s dedication to helping. I would recommend the company and its staff for anyone who is looking for someone to help them on their own journey.

Dr Ayman Aboda - O&G Registrar

As an International Medical Graduate, I have zero knowledge on how to look for jobs in Australia but Liam from JPS miraculously found me a fantastic job offer in just a few months. He is very helpful from forwarding my CV, following it up from the hospitals, and even guiding me for the job interviews and AHPRA application form writing. He even submitted my AHPRA papers personally because of the deadline. I highly recommend him and his agency for the IMGs like me. Thumbs up and thank you very much Liam and JPS for a job well done! 🙂 

Joy Torrenueva - Paediatric Registrar

Diligent, helpful and take your interests to heart. Great service.

Dr Brian McCully - Director of O&G - Mildura Base Hospital

I had the pleasure to work with Mr. Liam Mullaney from JPS recruitment. He is excellent at his work, very efficient, meticulous and very patient. He has been very helpful, easy to work with, understood my needs and worked FOR ME. Being a busy clinician and having worked with other agencies, I found Liam to be outstanding in his work and really believe that has set very high standards. I would like to congratulate his team and highly recommend him to all my colleagues and friends who will be looking for jobs. In short, he is more like ” family”. I wish him and his team all the best and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a job. Thank you very much Liam. You are a great asset to any company you work. God bless you!

Dr. Varsha Rao - Specialist Paediatrician

Diana Sare at JPS was amazing. More like a family, constantly checking and lending a hand up. Everything was done timely and it was a smooth transition to Australia thanks to her.

Navina Jayabalan, ICU Registrar

Fantastic Staff to deal with, organized ,very friendly and thorough with lots of helpful information and tips for everything till you arrive to Australia. Had such a great experience dealing with this company and in particular with Mrs Diana sera and Mr Liam .I Would highly recommend using JPS medical recruitment

Dr Fady Morkos, ED Registrar

JPS is an outstanding recruitment agency with excellent staff like Diana. She is very dedicated and professional. Also Tony was wonderful and helped a lot. I would strongly recommend JPS recruitment if you are looking for jobs.

Dr Nilesh Bhilave - Specialist Physician

Diana Sare has been amazing. These people are there not just to get their commission for their job, but she was there to ensure my own success. Very helpful, diligent, and easy to work with. Will definitely recommend all my colleagues towards JPS recruitment! Well done!

Dr Chia Saw - Specialist Paediatrician

Being an IMG is a big challenge to get a job in Australia. I took about 2 years searching for a company or a recruiter to support me finding a job until I made contact with Diana Sare who is one of the best recruiters I have ever known. She is a professional, hard worker, committed to her client, honest and very supportive.

I really learned from her a lot of good thing which reflected on my job in a positive way. I have a good impression that Australian people are faithful and honest to their work because Diana was one of the inspired Australian people who I knew her first.

Hoping for JPS the best as it has one of the best recruiters I have ever know. Thanks Diana for what you did for me.


Dr Ahmed Safi - ED SMP

I can highly recommend Diana Sare, Recruitment Consultant at JPS Medical recruitment. I had the privilege of having her assistance in identifying appropriate positions, arranging applications and interviews. She continued with follow ups until all documents and contracts were secured. Due to her professional and also humane involvement I secured a prime position in an excellent organisation. She is  not the A team…but the B Team. Yes the Blue team, because the sky is the limit. Thank you once again and keep up the good work.

Dr George du Toit - Senior O&G Staff Specialist

Mr Mitchell Merritt is a very experienced recruitment consultant with passion. He provides a person centered service, works efficiently and is always reassuring. I highly recommend Mitchell. : )

Dr Dana Lo - GP

My first chat with Ané Robert dates back to 9 months ago, when I’ve just been accepted in the College interview and was totally confused how to get a job. According to my friends, this step of securing a position was known to be the toughest of all, but I can dare say I had my job interview organised by Ané, just 2 weeks  after my College approval. It was really unbelievable. I’ve got the job and she was by my side not just as a recruitment consultant but as an amazing friend of mine. She was with me throughout the whole process, not only organizing everything with the hospital administration but also with the College and the AHPRA . She was there even in the afterhours or the weekends, when I was so stressful, disappointed and frustrated getting tapped in the travel restrictions when everything was done. Her inspiring and impressive words of “Don’t worry, we’ll get you here soon” were always soothing and motivating. Ané is such a professional, dedicated, hardworking, positive and intelligent consultant that I am honoured and blessed to work with. She is indeed a valuable asset wherever she works. I appreciate her quick response, prompt follow-up and responsiveness. I would highly recommend her to any candidate and any company. I Thank you Ané.

Dr Elham Abou Masoudi - ED Registrar

I’d like to express my gratefulness for JPS support. JPS team, particularly Ané Robert, were very dedicated, professional, and timely organised. They are pre-emptively and proactively set up. Thanks JPS and thank you Ané.

Dr Arwa Abdelmogod - Medical Oncologist

I found a job through JPS in Royal Darwin Hospital. Liam is a very friendly staff and very helpful throughout the recruitment process.

John Lau

Being an international medical graduate, I believed that it would be difficult to gain employment in Australia. Gwyn, at JPS Medical Recruitment proved that my belief was incorrect. Gwyn had a genuine interest in finding me a job, was always supportive and considerate, and was thorough in identifying my strengths. I appreciate his quick response, efficiency and prompt follow-up to my requests. Gwyn distinguishes himself from other recruitment consultants by possessing deep knowledge of the healthcare labour market in Australia. I cannot thank him enough for his full support, for believing in me and for helping me start a new chapter of my professional career. I am sure that his efficiency will help other candidates to find a good job and also to have this important support that I had.

Dr Mohamed Ibrahim - Psychiatrist

I am sending this email to express my sincere thankfulness to JPS for what you did. I really appreciate your kind gestures and want to thank you for helping me.  JPS are indeed a very good & professional recruitment agency and I was really fortunate as you think about the applicants problems and solve them. Thank you for your time, effort and patience, you have not stopped to impress me with your support from arranging the hospital interview, facilitating my process and helping me in every step. Even after starting my new job you did not stop helping me and supporting me. I wish you and your team great success.

Dr Albert Geris, ED Registrar

It has been a pleasure to work with you guys and we will certainly get in touch when we next are looking for a new physio. 

Richard Wallace, Centre Manager, Kieser, Geelong

When I decided to make the move from a country town to big city life I was a little overwhelmed with the amount of recruitment companies out there, how was I ever going to choose the right one to work with and what could they offer me. JPS contacted me after seeing a copy of my resume and quickly set up an initial conversation. From the moment I spoke to them, I knew that JPS was the agency for me. They took an active interest in both me as a person and me as a candidate. They took me through an in depth discussion to see if my skills would match up with what a General Practice required but more importantly which company in this sector I would be most suited to. They called me every day to ensure I was kept informed and what progress they were making. Very quickly they secured me a job interview and were on hand to guide and support me. Further interviews were subsequently arranged and as ever they were supportive throughout the whole process.

Dr Jimmy Wang - Specialist GP

It’s my pleasure to write something for JPS, whom I have been working with for the last few years. From our first phone call I felt I was dealing with a  friend. They are truly dedicated and have always been supportive. The JPS team are always available to discuss my issues and to find locum work for me as and when I require. 

Dr Ata Rehman - Consultant Physician

I am building a team of contemporary GPs but finding them isn’t always easy, so I have reached out to a number of specialist medical recruitment companies to help. But it is JPS Medical Recruitment that has been, by far, the standout. They are in regular contact with me, working hard to locate the right person, always honest in their advice, and the doctors they introduce clearly have the same high level of respect for JPS as I do. Their relationship management puts many of the others to shame, and to me makes JPS the platinum standard for medical recruitment.

Dr Michelle Vickers, MD - River Tree Health

The GP you found for us is marvellous! I feel so fortunate to have her at our practice. She is a perfect fit – thank you so much!

Trish Baker - Medicine on Blackwood

2 years ago I got my 1st job in Australia through JPS and they helped me find my 2nd job and facilitate the transition between jobs.

They are professional, honest and very talented to fit you in the position you want.

They helped me to finalize my general registration, they give you free advices in regard of registration and advices in immigration after they consult expertise.

Tony is a man of commitment and gets things done.

Diana a talented and enthusiastic person and very thorough to get things done.

Thanks Diana and Tony 

It was a pleasure getting my Jobs with you

Dr Sherif Mansour - ED Registrar

JPS Medical Recruitment is professional and friendly to deal with. Allisha was always responsive, encouraging and guided me through the recruitment process very effectively. Achieving such a satisfactory result during the Covid-19 pandemic is outstanding. Thank you JPS and Allisha for offering such a great recruitment experience.

Dr Sergio Stefanelli - O&G Consultant

JPS were successfully able to source a GP for us when urgently needed and they are fantastic to deal with.

Thomas Kalup, Family Practice Medical Centre

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for Gwyn Brettell. Gwyn played a pivotal role in liaising with my current company’s directors and creating a new and unique position for me. Since being on-boarded, I have been able to develop my professional skills and capabilities above what was expected at this stage in my career. If it wasn’t for Gwyn’s hard work, professionalism, and desire to go above and beyond what was expected of him, I would not be where I am today.

Jason Walker - Psychologist

Amazing Staff to deal with, dedicated, helpful, professional and friendly. I had an excellent experience dealing with Diana Sare.  She has not only helped me in finding a job but also with the paperwork which was difficult for me as I was applying for the first time.  Diana did her job fantastically and made it smooth and timely. She remained in touch with me even after I started my job to found out if I had any concerns she can help with.  After successful completion of my job she contacted me again to find another job for me if I am interested. I Would highly recommend using JPS medical recruitment.

Dr Afshan Muzaffar - O&G HMO

Apart from any fake complements, but without Diana, I would never be able to enter Australia and work as a emergency medical officer. She is very passionate, eager to help and very active. Too many times I was about to lose hope but she pushed me with her persistence and she was contacting all hospitals, lawyers and whatever people to help me. I was very reluctant first and I was very annoying and she handled me very well with patience and professionalism. What I noticed that she always put her client benefit first and act on that in all interactions. Again, this not a fake review, I am really lucky to have her in my employment journey. Thanks Diana and Tony.

Dr Mohamed Aissa - ED Registrar

JPS Medical Recruitment worked very hard in looking for a position that fitted me most. The team (Diana ) definitely kept in touch with me , providing me with updates and also options that I may have in furthering my career. From the beginning, Diana from JPS has been positive, with a “can do” attitude that is very reassuring especially for IMGs like me who are still at the early years of career in Australia. The whole process was made seamless and easy, and JPS was able to troubleshoot issues that I faced in securing a position as well. Thank you

I honestly do want to thank you for all your assistance in securing this position. I am settling in well in Mackay. It’s a change from Sydney but still great. The colleagues are excellent and the work environment is wonderful.

Dr Vasan Selvarajah - Consultant Paediatrician

Your constant support and guidance  have been the best thing which has happened to me in Australia so far. You are a wonderful and lovely person. 

Dr Preeti Sethi - O&G Adv Trainee

” Allisha is one of the most punctual people I have ever met in the recruitment field. The ability to understand her client is amazing. When I expressed my ideas and concerns about a new position, she patiently absorbed all the details and checked the available positions promptly. 

Easy accessibility, positive attitude, punctuality , pleasant communication skills and maintaining a professional relationship are her key features. Therefore, I highly recommend to contact Allisha , if you want to find a new position or if you want to change your work place.

Dr Dinesh Fernando - O&G Registrar

I have no hesitation in recommending the team at JPS Recruitment. Their professionalism and approachability have been exemplary and are the reason we have continued to use this agency exclusively over the past year. Their comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience within the industry made for an easy transition to their service. Their undivided attention to our unique requirements and expectations has made them a trusted source of excellent candidates for our unique model of care. We are thankful for their team approach and grateful for their continued support and consideration to our operational service agreements… you would struggle to find another company who is as client focussed as JPS Recruitment. They just get it… For all these reasons we will certainly continue our professional association with the team at JPS Recruitment. Medical Director Medicrew Pty Ltd.

Dr James Torrance - MD, Medicrew

Tony reassured me, when I first set out on the path of independence, that he could find me work for every day of the year, if I wanted. He certainly did – I was delighted with the outcomes, and can heartily recommend Tony, not only for his professionalism, but also his personality, which is consistently supportive

Dr Brian Walker - GP

I will be leaving to another position shortly. I would like to thank you for all the amazing candidates you have presented during the last 5 months, I have really enjoyed working with you.

Iwona Wegrzyn | Human Resources Coordinator | Queensland X-Ray

Over the last 19 months I have been working with the JPS Medical Recruitment team. They have been very supportive and efficient in defining my desired work place and find matching opportunities in Australia. There have been several very interesting positions I interviewed for and consecutively received contract offers from. The one which I finally preferred was the one I initially did not consider in Alice Springs Hospital, NT. I recall a suggestion to “give it a shot, as there have been quite a number of people loving it”. As it turned out, they were right and I really enjoy working here with the mix of very rural focussed aboriginal medicine, severe cardiovascular disease, rheumatic heart disease, renal disease, addiction medicine and infectious disease. This is also a good opportunity to engage in teaching as we do accept students from different states and universities with the lead from Flinders University. On the other hand there are endless opportunities here for sport and outdoor activities. I also enjoy the relaxed way of life in the Northern Territories. I would like to thank JPS Medical Recruitment for their professional support.

Dr Bernhard Kuepper - Consultant Physician/Cardiologist

From the first phone call I had with you, you were very friendly, warm and informative and kept me well updated throughout my recruitment process. Since acquiring the job you have continued to be very engaging and kind even noticing when I was sick for a few days at work and checking to see if I was ok! My pay and payslips have always been on time and I’ve had no issues there. I’ve had a great experience with JPS and I’m happy to have had my application chosen.

Raquel Huezo - Service Support Officer

I’ve worked with JPS recruitment on a number of occasions and would have no hesitation recommending them to anyone in the medical/allied health sector seeking employment. I have found that they really take the time to listen and understand your specific needs. As compared with other recruitment companies, the available roles I have been notified of have always been relevant and suitably targeted. Special thanks to Paul Botfield for his active engagement and persistent follow through in helping me gain employment in a tough job market.

Benedict Loh - Radiographer

JPS Medical Recruitment is a wonderful agency to work with and especially Paul, he is a friendly senior recruiter who takes time to educate you and guide you if you are new to this field. On top of that they pay a fair wage without any delay and also help with regular shifts in nearby locations. I look forward to continuing my work with JPS.

Shain Shaju - Personal Carer

I’ve had the opportunity to work with JPS Medical during the pandemic. The amazing support I’ve received from them has made this an easy journey. A big shoutout to Paul Botfield for his compassion and understanding towards all the workers. Will keep working with JPS as it’s an absolute pleasure.

Muskaan Puri - Enrolled Nurse

I had a great experience working with JPS Medical Recruitment and am always ready to work with the team in the future anytime. Senior recruitment officer Paul was always there with a quick response and help when needed. I am appreciative and thankful for the opportunity.

Jarmila - Registered Nurse

I’ve had the opportunity to work with JPS Medical during the pandemic. The amazing support I’ve got from their side has made this an easy journey. A big shoutout to Paul Botfield for his compassion and understanding towards all the workers. Would keep working with JPS as it’s an absolute pleasure.

Muskaan Puri, Nurse

Your support was astronomical in getting us through the lock down. We appreciate all your support.

CraigCare Aged Care Facility, Berwick

I would like this opportunity to thank you for helping me find a job as per my needs. I really appreciate your professionalism and focused approach towards your target. Your farsightedness made the process of gaining a job from overseas much simpler. From finding a suitable job to obtaining registration and communicating with the hospital, everything was made possible by my consulting agent Diana Sare. Thanks a lot JPS, Diana and Tony Tallant for all your kind efforts.

Dr Garry - ED Registrar

Your help with locums over the past 9 months has been very much appreciated and has helped our team out significantly.

Nic Carusella, regional Manager, I-Med

Thank you JPS for the opportunity you set up for me and looking after me so well. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in this busy area and all arrangements worked like clockwork. 

Martha Barclay, Sonographer

JPS has helped immensely to secure a locum position for me. I recommend JPS to go the extra mile in delivering a service according to their promise.

Olusegun Odusote, Radiographer

I was recommended Tony Tallant by a close friend. I liked his no nonsense approach. He is like a Hitman whom you contact once & then he will contact you only when the job is done no doubt his name is “Talent”!!. I bet the way he dealt with my difficult case with AHPRA; Tony knows AHPRA more than AHPRA knows itself. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Dr Harry Singh - GP

Imagine someone keeps calling you for two years telling you do your exams and I will help you and your family to come to Australia, since 2016 while I am working in Saudi Arabia and Tony Tallant keeps calling me just do your exams or get college assessment and I will help you to come to Australia with a good job offer. 2018 I came to Australia and he helped me tell I got the PR few days ago this relationship is not about client and recruitment company but it is about one who believes in you and keeps encouraging you to reach your goals, it is not only you it is the future of your family too. Thank you Tony. 

JPS is an outstanding recruitment agency with excellent staff like Diana who did a great efforts Calling everyone to help me get PR in the last 8 months She is very dedicated and professional.

Thanks Diana.

I would strongly recommend JPS recruitment.


Dr Samir Altalafha - Senior ED Registrar

The most proficient agency I have ever worked with. Without hesitation I would recommend JPS Medical Recruitment for whoever’s seeking a decent job in Australia.

Ibrahim Youssef, Senior Paediatric Registrar

We have used the services of JPS to successfully recruit a couple of roles for us. Although we are four hours away, they took the time to visit our facility, so they could fully understand our needs as a hospital and also be able to effectively brief the candidates on our organisation, our culture and the lifestyle this area offers. We look forward to continuing our professional association with JPS.

Stuart Bonnett - The Friendly Society Private Hospital in Bundaberg

Being an international medical graduate, I always would hear how difficult it would be to gain employment in Australia in terms of being selected for an interview and the paper work required. Not until a friend of mine referred me to JPS, and he told me that JPS will get you here and will take care of everything, you don’t have to worry. As soon as I contacted them they responded to my email and upon reviewing my CV we discussed what type of job I’d be interested in, my personal preferences and within a week or so they had arranged an interview for me. When I didn’t manage that one they got me more interviews until I found a suitable job in a wonderful place. 


That was just the start of their generous and relentless support. The process of registration with AHPRA is very complex but with JPS’s step by step guidance throughout I felt secure. Whilst awaiting my visa which was a very stressful time they would email to check how I’m doing and reassure me. 


They made sure that I had a good idea about every aspect of the move, even where to get a SIM card, useful links about renting a car, a house, how to go about obtaining a driving license. They literally took care of everything to make sure my transition would be as smooth as possible. Overall, JPS made my dream a reality, and I appreciate them for always going the extra miles for their doctors.

Dr Monir Abusherib, ED Registrar