If you’re looking for your next job in Psychiatry then you’re in the right place. JPS are aware of all jobs in Psychiatry in Australia and New Zealand, many before they are openly advertised. Let us know what you’re looking for and your dedicated recruiter will keep you updated on all opportunities, as they arise, that match your requirements. Your dedicated recruiter will ensure your details are seen by the relevant department heads and hiring managers, in many cases, before any other doctor has been considered for the job.


There are a variety of Psychiatry Jobs and Job Titles in Australia and New Zealand as follows. They are:


Senior Psychiatrists are known as:


Staff Specialist or Specialist




Mid Grade Psychiatrists are known as:

Medical Officer of Specialist Scale (MOSS)

Senior Medical Officer (SMO)

Senior Medical Practitioner (SMP)

Career Medical Officer (CMO)

Basic & Advanced Trainee

Senior Registrar


Principal House Officer (PHO)

Medical Officer (MO)


Junior Grade Psychiatrists are known as:

Senior Medical Resident Officer (SRMO)

Resident Medical Officer (RMO)

Hospital Medical Officer (HMO)

Senior House Officer (SHO)

Junior House Officer (JHO)


For a more detailed explanation of each of these job titles click here.


Salaries for Psychiatrists

Once you get in touch with us your dedicated recruiter will advise as to the salaries available in every State and Territory in both public and private practice. These vary significantly so please let us explain what is on offer so you can make an informed decision as to which is your preferred location.


Below is a list of our current Psychiatry Jobs:




Liam Mullaney
Senior Recruitment Consultant

Hospital Doctor Divsion

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Diana Sare
Senior Recruitment Consultant

Hospital Doctor Division

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Allisha McKenzie
Senior Recruitment Consultant

Hospital Doctor Division

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Ané Robert
Senior Recruitment Consultant

Hospital Doctor Division

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Liv Burns
Recruitment Consultant

Hospital Doctor Division

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Cassidy Grohn
Recruitment Consultant

Hospital Doctor & General Practice Divisions

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Here what our candidates have to say

Thanks for the team at JPS, especially Diana Sare. She is very professional, sincere and is an expert recruiter. I have a lot of appreciation for Diana and for her unlimited support and ultimate care of her clients. She helped me so much through a long journey to secure my present job in Australia. Really, no one other than her could solve and manage the obstacles I faced along this long journey of about two years. I highly recommend Diana to anyone looking for a job in Australia as a safe, trustable and sure way with an expert recruiter like Diana. I hope for her and all the team at JPS Medical Recruitment more and more success, thanks very much.

Dr Nageh Abdelgayed’s – ED CMO,

Diana Sare has been very helpful agent from arranging my face to face interview up to the day I started my job as an ICU registrar! Very friendly, I felt well looked after and always there for me to chase up people. Highly recommended service!!

Dr Ralph Lee - Anaesthetic/ICU Registrar,

I loved working with Diana. It felt like I had a trusted friend in Australia, guiding me through the entire process from finding a job to starting my first day of work and everything that happened in between. (This was in 2021 and with Covid happening there was A LOT I needed help with in between). Thanks Diana!

Dr Victoria van der Schyff – Anaesthetic/ICU Registrar,

I have not come across someone as enthusiastic and energetic as Allisha. She sent my CV to multiple locations and got me two job offers within a single week.

Allisha helped me get my Australian license to practice medicine. I would have waited for weeks to prepare my paperwork before sending it to the Australian authorities but her knowledge and advice helped accelerate this process.

Most notable, when I informed Allisha that other places were paying higher rates, she negotiated on my behalf and secured me a 30% higher pay rate than I was initially given.

Thank you very much Allish

Dr Abdullah Alhaidari - Geriatrician,

I have had a great experience with JPS medical recruitment and Allisha in particular. She was organised throughout and made the process of my finding a job and relocating to Australia so simple and stress free. She was incredibly accommodating with the time difference and quick to reply to any questions I had. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any medical colleagues.

Dr Ellie Cheah - ICU Registrar,

Thank-you so much for all your help this week! Estia are ecstatic as to the help they have received and are so appreciative of all the work and prompt response that you have put in!

So from Estia and myself, THANK-YOU! We appreciate you!!

Katrina Maurer - Business Manager,

Mitch is one of the best recruiters I have used. Mitch is well organized, reliable, quick, and supportive. I would highly recommend him to any Doctor looking to secure their ideal position.

Dr Shabrina Hussein – General Practitioner FRACGP,

Professional, efficient and prompt service. Liam was accessible and maintained the communication even after my recruitment. JPS knows how to match skill mix with suitable locations. Bottom line, was glad to have chosen JPS. Thanks Liam.

Dr Syed Khadri – Director of Emergency & Director of Medical Services – Central Gippsland Health Service

Dr Syed Khadri - Director of Emergency & Director of Medical Services,

I recently completed a locum assignment through Mitch at JPS Medical Recruitment. Mitch listened to my requirements and found me a job that ticked all the boxes for me. Mitch was a pleasure to work with and he followed up closely before, during and after the locum paying attention to the smallest of details.

Dr Tridiv Madhok – GP

Dr Tridiv Madhok,

When you talk to Diana Sare even for the first time, it is very certain that you will feel she is very close, familiar, understandable, and able to provide a professional kind of service you have been always after. It is not only a matter of friendly attitude, because behind this level of super amazing package of human values, there is an impressive scope of expertise able to explore the very corner stones in a job market characterised by continuous waves of changes and challenges. I’m really more than happy that Diana and JPS RECRUITMENT are my agent or the very eye via which I know my footsteps and my chances. Thanks for Diana and all the team members of JPS RECRUITMENT.

Dr Asmaa Shehabeddin – Psych Registrar

Dr Asmaa Shehabeddin - Psych Registrar,

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