Regulatory Compliance in Healthcare in Australia and New Zealand can be a minefield. Fortunately the team at JPS have decades of experience dealing with Regulatory Compliance in Healthcare such as dealing with AHPRA, Medicare, the Department of Health and Rural Workforce Agencies and understand how to navigate the multitude of application processes and regulatory requirements of each of these bodies. If you hire a medical professional from us then we will manage all of these applications and processes as part of our service. We also offer these services separately.


If you are a medical facility or practice and need help with applications such as a Medicare Provider number or AHPRA we can look after this for you and ensure the applications are submitted correctly and then regularly followed up and managed to ensure a smooth application process and successful outcome.


If you are a medical professional and are struggling with applications such as obtaining AHPRA registration or need help with a complex provider number application then we can provide advice and guidance specific to your unique circumstances. We will be honest about what outcome you can expect and will only take on your case if we are 100% sure of a successful outcome.


It is best to contact us as soon as possible and ideally before you begin any application so we can provide advice and guidance as to what your chances of success are and any specific requirements you need to meet.


Regulatory and Compliance in Healthcare Assistance, what we can help with:


  • AHPRA Applications
    • Standard Pathway
    • Competent Authority Pathway
    • Specialist Pathway
    • Short Term Training Pathway
    • Change of Circumstances
  • Medicare Provider Number Applications
    • Including applications to join the MDRAP or PEP
  • PESCI Applications
  • PESCI reviews and comparisons for AHPRA
  • Advice on current 3GA programs
  • Current 19AA & 19AB legislation
  • Specialist College Applications
  • Health Workforce Certificates
  • MCNZ Applications
    • Vocational
    • Provisional
    • General
    • Locum Tenens
  • Advice on Distribution Priority Areas, (DPA)
  • Area of Need, (AoN), applications


For a free and confidential discussion as to how we can help then please contact us and we will provide clear and concise advice and if relevant what your chances of success are.


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